Minotaur Cultural Edict

Typeevolutionary biology
Period420 - 796

When the Khazarkar Empire enslaved Imrabêl's minotaurs in 414, they looked for ways to enlighten them. In 420, the Khazarkar's Department of Retooling started a plan to instill culture in what they considered to be a people just a step above beast. They viewed the minotaurs as barbaric and chaotic, what could not be taught, would be bred out. This included manipulating their energy composition, removing chaotic leanings. They were also forced to use Nidurrâb; the language of their Khazarkar masters. After a couple of generations, the minotaur's old language, Abyssal, was forgotten.

The selective breeding of the minotaurs served as a blueprint for the Khazarkar Purity Edict enacted in 975. In turn, the Minotaur Cultural Edict is often said to be built upon the practices of the Furrouth who quickly brought Maenedhel's Khazarkars up to speed.