Ungorth Reddik Road

Opened11 Brightstar 23

The Ungorth Reddik Road is a inter-system rift linking the mortal world Bal-Kriav with the demon world Abyssm. On the Bal-Kriav, the opening is on the isle of Turgon. It was accidentally opened in the Phael-Tetramord War by Phael conjurers. The rift would lead to the fall of Turgon. Overrun by demons, it became a new territory for the abyssal lord Demogorgon, his first back on Bal-Kriav since the Demon Spawn War.

This rift gets its name for what was once the Abyssm stronghold Ungorth Reddik. Now a city, this demon citadel is only thirty miles from the rift's opening. On the Bal-Kriav side, the 1000' wide and 50' tall rift is sited in southern edge of Coremeen's fetid waters.

The rift's opening forced the Phael alliance to abandon Turgon. After the Turgon Exodus (13 - 25), the island became property of Demogorgon and his abyssal legions.

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