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In the First Epoch, Râpha-Sûn aggressively expanded into the Imsogrek mountains. They were following copper veins and making in-roads into Holentur looking for adamantine. Liope was founded to control this area. It grew fast in the Holentur War, becoming a base of operations against the Ethenoran confederacy. One of the bases that came to prominence during this tumultuous time was Liope. It grew rapidly in the war. It was close to the action and centered on a confluence of roads and the river Antal. The river, though difficult to traverse, was an artery for communication and supplies to Râpha-Sûn. After the war, Holentur adamantine and Imsogrek copper turned Liope into a commercial rival.

In 340, Liope was captured by Râpha-Sûn. These two cities, along with dozens of towns and villages became holdings of newly formed empire Tinnanguth.

In the Dao Insurrection, Liope was wrecked by Tinnanguth's rampaging slaves.

Liope is sited at the headwaters of the Antal river. The ruins are backed by the peaks of Imsogrek. Many mammoth caves were built into these looming mountains. In these areas, the Tinnanguth created a great shipyard and docks. These were dug out by enslaved dao and then flooded with the waters of the nearby river. The hulks of a dozen siege crabs are still moored at these docks.

Unfortunately, the secret project never came to fruition, as the Tinnanguth suffered a slave revolt in which they were destroyed and their land overrun by hordes of dao.

- Tinnanguth Lore, "Siege Crabs of Liope"

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