Queen Sanglamore of Niratar
CategoryArtifacts, Swords
Typeartifact,Cairn Scythe
ForgeImperial Armoury of Niratar
EnchanterSôvan Burterinii

Sanglamore holds the soul of Queen Sanglamore. She was of one of three Burterinii Queens that all came to power around the same time. It was created during the War of the Three Queens. It is the sister sword of Sarquiness and Bleeberghast. It was forged to spread law and good.

Sanglamore is a +5 great sword. The blade is crafted from Solarian Truesteel. The hilt is forged from the iliac crest (hip bone) of a solar. The handle of this greatsword is made from the horn of a unicorn and the blade continually drips storm tears.

Sanglamore seeks to propagate the ideals of Nawenglorûs, helping those on the side of Negative Entropy ("Law") and the reconqnizing the pureness of all that is Holy ("Good").

PsycheQueen Sanglamore
Alignmentlawful good
CommunicationSpeech & Telepathy, Read Magic, Read All Languages
Special PurposeDefeat Chaos - see law infusion power
Personalityfemale, noble, strict, egotistic
Imperial Reach the weapon can be called to the owner's hand by way of the spell teleport without errorcontinuous
Three Sisters Gaitmovement speed increased by 3continuous
Soul Redeemingthose killed by the blade are redeemed, changing their alignment to good, creatures that are inherently evil - like demons and devils, are snuffed out forever - this works just like the spell Sanctify the Wicked except their is no save when they are killed and the focus is the blade and their is no sacrifice requirement continuous
Divine Blessingthe energy of the redeemed results in a blessing from the gods, adding +1 temporary strength point per three level of the victim and healing a number of hit points equal to the victim's level, these temporary points last 3 hourscontinuous
Radiant Shieldas the spell Radiant Shield3/day