DeitiesGeb, Neld-Rac
Founded25 Bloom 66

In the Year 66, Gimrune settlers came to the island Angvild. They fled their distant homeland on Hezmort after civil strife brought on by a half clockwork gnome named Burrorolath. After he took over the Rha'khar republic in a bloody coup, he installed himself as dictator and then "encouraged" the populace to turn their ideas towards military purposes. The more wealthy and fortunate of the populace saw the actions of Burrorolath as an infringement on their freedom of expression to invent what they want. They bought nearly every merchant ship in Furfar and then fled the lands under the tyrant Burrorolath. This departure was done with some secrecy, but 15,000 people moving to ships did not go noticed. Several thousand were caught and sent to hard labor and others executed in short and often unfair trials. The ships that made it safely from Furfar's harbors sailed northwest across Morwuld Briin. Records of the Furfar Exodus state that of the 15,102 people that fled Hezmort, 10,490 made it to Angvild with others going to other areas to settle, lost at sea, or captured by police and soldiers under Burrorolath.

Mechantus is the capital of Engineen. The city is the heart of invention and industry for all of Angvild. It is a noisy and busy place. A pall of smoke and steam drifts skyward from the many factories and workshops. A network of railroads criss-cross the city. Balloons and airships are a common site above the busy streets. Mechantus is predominately peopled by Gimrune and Khazarkars. The Khazarkars came to populate the city as refugees of the Great Exodus (998 - 1017). The city also has a population of Tragarans, shou, and other races which tend to reside in Mechantus's quieter areas.

In the 1600s, the city began to see an influx of low intelligence clockwork automations. These creatures, originally from an area near the Gear Monument, were captured and brought back to the city by Gimrune explorers. The clockworks were studied, experimented on, and then allowed to build more of their kind. These clockworks are a very common site in the city. There addition to the city has made Mechantus very productive, and also frees up more Gimrune to engage in tinkering.

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