RegionNorthern Hordelands

Yagolorn is a blasted landscape infused with powerful energy from Chaos. It is an area plagued with freak happenings, such as fissures opening up in the air or in the surface, inside which may be a swirling choppy liquid like a rough sea, or a churning maelstrom of rock, or nearly any other conceivable element. Yagolorn also gets storms like the Primordial Storm, even though on a much smaller scale, they can still be just as terrible to wait out or suffer through. For travelers, the most deadly anomaly to run across are columns of fire that dance across the wastes - these are in fact tornadoes of fire composed of elemental energy that need nothing to continue burning. The tornadoes, storms, and other happenings of the land typically disappear after several hours or even days. A few of these chaos infusions into this realm become permanent fixtures of this world. These things are unmoored motes composed of some element - like earth, water, fire, lighting, or some other element.

Yagolorn is a very dangerous place to travel. Even the elementals that roam Yagolorn fear the rare appearance of something greater than them coming through a rift to Chaos. Creatures that stay too long in this land or that are born hear have a high chance of acquiring a chaos infusion.

In the Year 60, Theegans built the Briltarn tower as part of an early warning system for terrors that may come out of the wastes. Early in the First Epoch, they suffered badly from chaotic abominations coming out of Yagolorn. For a time, they thought the gnolls were responsible for bringing them forth and sending them north to run amok in lands they coveted. After a while they learned that the gnolls had learned how to deal with these creatures by enticing them in a different direction through speed and guile. After a time, the Theegans learned to do the same tricks as the gnolls, with both parties agreeing to guide the beasts north into the lands of their most hated foe - the bloodthirsty jara of the Tribe Steppes.

Near the heart of Yagolorn is a petrified arm of immense size. The hue of the stone is pinkish, like flayed flesh from a distance. On this immense 200' long appendage are long hairs that have the texture of wires. Some intrepid explorers have attempted to cut these hairs for possible sale to alchemists or wizards but neither weapon or magic has been able to sever them. This petrified arm is all that remains of Krerax, a mighty primordial warlord of the Creation War. This arm is not the only thing left from the epic battle fought here so long ago. The other feature are three great sinkholes, themselves created with the abomination centipede Morebhox was severed in three. The acidic blood of this dying creature burned these holes in the earth, and earning their name the Cysts of Morebhox.

At the northwestern edge of this wasteland is the Theegan city Briltarn. This city's defenses and ruins are testament to the might of what can slither, crawl, and walk out of this wasteland.

Notable Areas