CategoryCities (Eenkai Void Pod)
Locationoceans of Bal-Kriav
DeitiesPhalgas, Tempestant
Built19 Temporal 645

In the Bombing of Geb, Biomechallum was one of three cities to escape Gebs Rain. Like the others, it came through Tempestants Springs, leaving Gebs Rain for the world of Bal-Kriav.

Biomechallum is a marvel of engineering with its helix-shaped towers, coral walls shaped like waves, and streets covered with canopies made of whale and other sea creature ribs. The Eenkai have many laboratories and scientific centers in this city. Like other Nordern cities, Biomechallum floats on the seas and can submerge into the depths.

The Society of Biomechanics has its headquarters in Biomechallum.

In 1829, the Norderns created the Mephigax-Bog Channel. This short-lived channel created a navigable channel between the Bog Sea and Nielalroch. Nordern took advantage of this, moving two of their three floating cities, Bathyl and Biomechallum, out into the open seas.

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