CategoryHigher Powers
RaceHalf-Fey Tragaran
Symbolsea shell
DomainBalance, Ocean, Renewal
Born2 Bloom 99
Godhood12 War March 711

In the month of Bloom, Year 98, Arastel left his home world for adventure and mischief. He used a feywild fuse to cross over to Bal-Kriav from Kriav. He seduced Katha-Tril, a Tragaran mortal, giving birth to a child with divine heritage.

When Melora was born, her half-fey nature resulted in the mother and daughter's banishment from Sorfandien. Her mother did not last long out in the wild, but the baby survived with the help of animals, her divine abilities, and quite a bit of help from her father. She wandered the lands for hundreds of years, making a name for herself across Bal-Kriav's super region Midrêth and to other lands on other worlds. Like her father, she had the uncanny knack of finding feywild fuses. During her time in Gulimbor, she was a hero of the Khazarkar Resistance, battling Khazarkar Empire oppression. Her adventures led to her always on the side of the underdog, battling against the odds. She outlived most of those around her, leading to many believing that she was an avatar of some power Higher Power.

Her notoriety, spanning seven centuries and on a half-dozen worlds, led to a following, enough that on 12 War March 711, she was Ascended by The Balance. Now a Higher Power, she continued her wanderlust, claiming no world as a home.

Many druids who do not care for the structure of The Balance pay homage to Melora. She is also prayed to by nomadic groups like the Eärendur, the Arquar, and by many Tungesti. She is also worshiped in more civilized areas like Celebriän and Ithengee.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
CelebriänNight Vigil
EärendurGwaelergoth Circle
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+2,000 hit points as Minor Power
Modulating Energy+15 modulating energy damage for all attacks