Order 3C

RegionNorthern Hordelands
Period547 - 556

Order 3C is the name of a government policy enacted by the Drugnod Dynasty. The purpose of this policy was stop the nomadic ways of the tribes of the Northern Hordelands. The movement of tribes from one area to the next had long been the cause of seemingly endless fighting. It was a hard-to-break tradition of visiting the war shrines and other monuments left over from the Horgon Era. Often of crude make, these shrines were the basis of tales and legends of the time when their ancestors battled the icy legions of Glangveif (314 HE - 31) or the savage hunts inscribed on the Story Pillars of Kennel.

Under guidance of the Kashu'khas, the Drugnod family, and Empress Gaufthaur, a policy of territories was established for each tribe. Nomadic tradition was curbed and eventually stopped. Territorial boundaries were made such that most cultural shrines and war monuments were often on the borders of tribes and declared neutral zones.

Order 3C is accredited of a period of enlightenment for the peoples of the Northern Hordelands. With healthy commerce, rarely being subject to plunder, the Drugnod Dynasty had the funds to create a large standing army.

By 556, nearly all the tribes had established territories, shakily following the whims of the empire.

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