RegionElrohir Mithrandír

Houphoz is a vast hot basin created long ago from the rapid melting of a glacier. The glacier melted at such a rapid pace, that the flow of water carved a valley into the landscape. High volcanic peaks and a chain of ash-covered mountains surround this area. The location of the area makes it arid and hot.

Zeluk claims this area as territory.

… ancient Sanct-Dorill, or the Elven History of Elrohir Mithrandír, says that in the passing of moons three in the fifth summer of the equinox of Merioss (Year 654), Zeluk opened up the Gates of Brimstone under the Rejork glacier. The opening released streams of fire from the Great Vein of Surtur, spewing from the mountains and wrecking the lands with their fiery fury.

- Stargazer of High Hill, "Sanct-Dorill"