FocusArcane, Nature
Formed3 Dreamer 769 DE

Kriav is a world of the Tirion System. It was one of the first worlds forged from Chaos. Knowing that the Primordials were against what they were doing, Bal-Kriav, Corellon, and a cadre of others created a Cube of Arcane to protect their world. It was also envisioned to be a source of magic for the peoples and creatures that would come to inhabit it.

In 1301 DE, Kriav's Cube of Arcane collapsed. This Cube Collapse caused Kriav and the entire system around it to become infused with arcane energy. This warped the land, weather, creatures, and everything else about it. To the Creationists that made this realm, the changes caused by the Cube Collapse were too much like Chaos. The creatures they put there were no longer what they intended, and anything new that was created or born, underwent changes from the arcane energy that was now in everything. This led to an analysis by the Nawirrûs Covenant. In the report it said that the Tirion System system was becoming overrun with wild fey that want nothing to do with us, they are carefree, preferring to live like beasts. The Covenant, and the Creationists behind the change, let magic and nature take its course. It was only much later, in the God Era, that Higher Powers returned to Kriav and other Tirion worlds, seeking Divine Power through mortal patronage.

In 8972 GE, the Demon Spawn War began with Jurusalax's invasion of Kriav. The conflict here proved too much for Jurusalax, so he had his minions punched a hole to another world. In 8981 GE, the armies of Jurusalax left Kriav, invading the world Bal-Kriav.

In 8974 GE, forces under the demon lord Hezxis attacked areas under the protection of Corellon. For the next two centuries, these two and their armies fought a hotly contested war across Kriav.

Kriav is also the abode of many magical creatures and fey. Nearly every being of the realm has some magical trait and considerably more powerful than the same type encountered on Bal-Kriav. Kriav is home to great numbers of satyr and centaurs. The latter outnumber those of the Kriavian Elves by a factor of ten. The satyr tribes number in the thousands.