Gaard Goraag Lava Bastion

Gaard Goraag
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasLava Bastion
OwnerAg Envok
Founded17 Saunas 115 LE
MapHiznaar Goz

Gaard Goraag was founded by the Strunmah Dein; colonists sent out from the Dragonborn city Diiv Revakaad. They founded this settlement on an escarpment overlooking the volcanic wasteland Kii Paagol. Their choice of location was a defensive one. Over the past three centuries since they had left Diiv Revakaad, half of their settlements were taken out by the denizens of the Aerie, sometimes reduced to rubble and ash by dragons, or sacked by giants. Those that remained eked out an existence with the threat of being overrun ever present. There was a chain of settlements spread across the landscape. Every twenty to thirty miles, a village, a fort, or perhaps a fortified cave. Mulcantan, First High Marshall of Diiv Revakaad, had conceived of this plan to settle areas along a line from Diiv Revakaad to the Laag Grimolii mountains. His strategic vision took place over a long period of time - nearly three centuries. By the time Gaard Goraag was founded, everything north of these holdings to the Sands of Hell was becoming known as the Dragonborn homeland.

His life prolonged many times over, the magic could no longer save him. It is said he asked for continuance, hinting at the possibility of embracing lichdom. Mulcantan's constitution was nearly gone from repeated use of longevity magic, Diiv Revakaad's leader for the past three centuries. His advisors, most happy to see him go, voted against his desire for immortality through means deemed evil.

- from the tome "The First High Marshall"

Gaard Goraag was built in an area where the winds are strong, making dragon plundering more risky, and in an area reachable by foot traffic that requires traveling through defiles and along narrow cliff tracks. The giants tried many times, but their losses were too great, their days of easy plunder at the expense of the dragonborn had come to an end.

Upon the formation of Arkhosia (est. 600 HE), Gaard Goraag was selected as the empire's capital. Those that had once harried the dragonborn, like Gorahrigir's hill giants, soon felt retribution from the region's new power. By this time in the Horgon Era the city's population was growing. The rich black soil south of the city had become vast farmlands. The walk to the city was through vineyard terraced slopes, and smoke billowed from the pock-marked mountains for miles, each plume a mine or forge.

In the Last Burn, Arkhosia battled Bael Truath and her allies. Gaard Goraag was captured in 1600 HE, ending the long and glorious reign of Arkhosia. The city was occupied by a Bael Truath army and its dragonborn population were forced out, sent into the wilds with meager possessions. Many of these people became insurgents who would played a small part in bringing down their old enemies in the Bael Turath Civil War (1608 HE - 1612 HE). During this civil war, Gaard Goraag was abandoned. For a long time, it remained the abode of bandits and monsters.

In 880, the ruin was reoccupied by the Ag Envok.

Gaard Goraag is at the southern tip of the ashen wasteland Kii Paagol. The city's northern wall, facing this volatile area, is crafted of lava stone and built to deflect lava flows under and around the city.

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