RegionCinazan, Grashakh
MapQuellestir Forest

Quellestir is an evergreen forest stretching from the Mogl├║r ramparts to the Mazgob swamp. The long valley holding this forest is littered with ruined forts and keeps. These places were built by the Orchish Empire in the Core Offensive. After this war, the continuing attacks by the natives along with the cost of upkeep led to the Orchish Empire abandoning the land route north in favor of travel by way of the Irudrarg river.

Quellestir is home to tens of thousands of Forstneblin. They have long resisted the Orchish Empire's northern push to the Core Sea (c.f. Core Offensive).

Quellestir's gnomes have lived in this area since the early part of the Horgon Era. For a long time, they were a nomadic people with seasonal settlements spread across Grashakh and into Cinazan. In the First Epoch, they began to build their homes underground, yet not so deep as to be considered in the Underdark. They did this because of the growing Jara threat spilling out of the Tribe Steppes. In the Year 135, the Butchers of Mongor rampaged through the settlements of the gnomes. They lost thousands of people to this raid and saw most of their surface settlements reduced to ash. Thereafter, the Forstneblin of Quellestir began building their living areas underground.

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