Quellestir (lower) - Mirtheon
RegionCinazan, Grashakh
MapQuellestir Forest

Quellestir is an evergreen forest stretching from Mogl├║r's ramparts to the shores of Lake Virgath. For thousands of years, it was a seasonal home for the Forstneblin. It was one of the stopping points for a people that moved with the seasons, taking up seasonal settlements across Grashakh and Cinazan.

By the First Epoch, the Forstneblin had settled down to one area. In Quellestir, they were forced to move their homes under the forest floor, still close to nature's roots. Here they had a better chance of surviving the growing Jara raiders out of the Tribe Steppes. In the Year 135, the Butchers of Mongor rampaged through the area. Thousands were lost in this raid, and all their surface settlements were trampled and reduced to ash.

Quellestir is littered with ruined forts and keeps. Most were built to cover the canal and military roads of the Core Offensive (1749 - 1760). When the Orchish Empire reached the Core Sea, the Treaty of Quellestir was forged. Except for parts along the waterways northward, the land was returned to the original owners.

Werebadger enclaves, riders of dire wolves, blood drinkers of Balanosas Navel, the lands of Quellestir are wild and free. Most druids of northern Grashakh began their path here.

- unknown

Quellestir's southernmost tracts, south of dreaded fens of Mazgob, is a dark and foreboding place. Inhabited by flesh-eating plants, vampires, ghouls, cannibalistic bugbears, and other foul creatures, it is claimed by none. Like during the age of the Glangveif's jarls, you go around, never through. In the months of War March and Bloom, morning to noon, these southern tracts face Virgaths Grip. This fog from the nearby lake Virgath reduces visibility to mere feet.

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