Hedrac is a valley of Siganbul's eastern mountains. Tragarans have lived in this area since the Lith-Crillion Era with the first major settlement being Lanirûk. The valley's southeastern passes became battle zones as the Tragarans and the Khazarkars encroached on each other's territories. In 221, the Treaty of Alêth was signed between Akann'ndâb and Lanirûk. This treaty defined the borders of the two groups. When the Borillisk empire was established, Hedrac was the heart of Tragaran mountain folk civilization.

At the end of the Hedrac War, half of Borillisk's population fled the region, settling on Sahuld, others went west where they eventually became citizens of the Ba'lith Empire. Any that stayed behind were lost to the Gulimbor Catacyslm.

When the Sceptre of Phenul-Tamrâk was destroyed, the valley floor and many of the old ruins were engulfed by the unnaturally expanding Barândîr glacier.

Notable Areas