CategoryFallen Empires
RegionCinazan, Faeglor, Ice Cap
Fire Troll15%
Fire Giant5%
Alignmentchaotic evil
DeitiesThe Concubine, Surtur
EnemiesAslauthroa, Glangveif
Reign145 HE - 101

In the early part of what many northerners call the Titan Era, the fire giants of Steirgar and Borngring went to war with the Volgads. This was a Nithian empire that controlled the upper part of Borngring. The Lava Flood War (110 HE - 125 HE) ended with the fall of the latter's capital, Imrik. Fighting did not end for the victors. They went to war with each other. This was instigated by one of fire giant heroes of the Siege of Imrik. This hero was Kelksorli. In his autobiography, Kelksorli says it was Surtur who gave the blessing for the brutal in-fighting that followed.

My old primordials friends are making moves. The earth giants will rise in the north, the storm giants have risen in the southeast, Thyrm's pawns will rise in the southwest. You know what needs to be done.

- reputed conversation between Surtur and Kelksorli

If this conversation is true, then Surtur either had extremely good intelligence or a premonition of the beginnings of the north's Titan Empires; the frost giant empire Glangveif and the earth giant empire Gadstill Dynasty, and a fire giant empire at the center of them. For the part "the storm giants have risen in the southeast", Surtur was referring to the storm giant empire Aslauthroa.

After two decades of intrigue, deception, back-stabbing, and war, Kelksorli had become master of Steirgar's people. Near the end of the same year, 145 HE, he was recognized as the First King of Hofthorm; the name Hofthorm a tribute to a legendary fire giant champion (Hofthorm Plate).

Another notable ruler was King Asmorgerd. He ruled Hofthorm from 745 HE to 760 HE. He was exiled after it was learned he had fell under the influence of Glangveif agents, one of his most adored concubines. The exiled king and a retinue of minions fled south out of Cinazan into Grashakh's central highlands where they built the great bastions of Krarthjar and Kangjald.

King Hlimi was the last sovereign of Hofthorm. He had five sons, the Princes of Hlimi. When the king was murdered by his oldest son, the other princes took to arms and fought for control of the empire. This conflict broke the empire apart in the Year 101. The Hlimi Kingdoms of Steirgar are what is left of Hofthorm.

At its peak, Hofthorm commanded a vast area covering Kazra, Steirgar and into Thurnâtha. Their greatest enemy was the frost giant empire Glangveif. These two Hofthorm was one of the Titan Empires warred for centuries. In the Year 31, the Glangveif empire fell to the armies of Hofthorm.