RaceKriavian Elf

In 905, Queen Nessa Elensar died, leaving the Ithendelt kingdom without a heir. This elven kingdom on the western shores of the Core Sea suffered insurrections as the various families vied for control. The stage was set for a civil war when two noble houses and their respective allies were nearly equal in power. The Ithendelt Schism, a civil war, ensued leaving many dead on each side, and seeing awesome displays of elven magic.

Seven years later, in 912, House Glorfindel and her allies lost. Execution not the way of most elves for their own, leniency was given. Exiled from the kingdom, they went east across the Core Sea to a large delta called Eämbavië. At the time, Ithendelt borders extended only as far as the contested island Morraurtil. Glorfindel and her allies settled only two hundred miles away from the victors of the Ithendelt Schism. In this area, they formed a different type of government than the one they left behind. They established a council comprised of family heads. When it was obvious that someone could not hold their own in political arena, family would send another, and groom others for future service. They were the beginnings of the nation of Gilraen.

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