Hadal One

CategoryCities (Eenkai Void Pod)
Locationoceans of Gebs Rain
Ownerindependent city-state
Built14 Artifice 601

When the Eenkai came to Gebs Rain, they arrived in megalithic voidships known collectively as the Eenkai Void Pods. These ships were the settlements that became the nation of Nordern. Advanced technology from a world of no arcane energy, these ships can survive the vacuum of space as well as the pressure of the deepest of oceans.

The largest of these ships, renamed Hadal One, became the capital of Nordern on 16 Artifice 734.

Hadal was destroyed in the 792 Bombing of Geb. The city's protective dome burst from a pressure wave, its occupants perishing from the pressure of the deep ocean around it.

In the 1300s, the ruins of this city were reoccupied by the sahuagin. Finding the inner chambers of the city intact, they eventually found a way to get its flooded engines operational.

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Hadal One