Founded2 Brightstar 945
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Bithiemeth was founded by the Ba'lith Empire. For nearly six centuries, this religious city served as the heart of Coeus worship. The Church of Coeus was dealt a shocking blow when in 1695, the usurper hell knight Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc (c.f. Emperor of Ba'lith) stormed the home world of the demi-god Coeus and killed him. The people of Ba'lith, and others across MidrĂȘth, were awed at this feat - for surely only a god could kill a god. As a result Raxcvillibus asked to be Ba'lith's emperor. At the time, the theocracy government was in disarray and greatly weakened from the loss of their god. The people lost confidence in the now powerless church. The military was already devoted to him, not just for the killing of a god, but from the many decades that he had served as one of their top generals.

Rax became the Emperor of Ba'lith on 19 Dreamer 1695. His first edict was banning the Church of Coeus and dismantling the theocracy government framework that had ruled the empire for the last six centuries.

In a Coeus Civil War, Bithiemeth was the backbone of resistance to Raxcvillibus's rule. In 1696, the city fell after a three month siege. The defenders were wracked with disease and dysentery (spread by Borurthane agents), which without priestly powers (from the death of Coeus), the population suffered terribly. The city was stormed by the Spinebreaker Brigade and no mercy was given to the Church of Coeus.

After taking Bithiemeth, investigators were sent to examine the ruins for its unusually high abyssal emanations. They learned after tearing up some buildings, that the city's foundations were built atop the bones of thousands of demons that had meant their end on angelic blades and magic. This happened thousands of years earlier in the Demon Spawn War when a large battle was fought here between the soldiers of Graz'zt and those serving Kossuth. Graz'zt army of 3,000 demons were wiped out and then made into a pyre with Kossuth using elemental fire to reduce the pile to ashes and bone. By the time the minotaurs arrived in Azrik (after the Great Minotaur Revolt), this pile of bones and ashes was but a group of hills covered with dirt, shrub and other plant-life. Only after digging did they realize they were building on a grave site, and by then it was too late for they were seduced by spiritual voices to continue with laying out a settlement here. Because of the corruption of Bithiemeth's foundations and abyssal urgings, it was abandoned to the wilds.

Several years after the place was abandoned, the grisly and terrible deaths of Bithiemeth's defenders resulted in the creation of a gargantuan dream vestige. This powerful undead is perhaps the most dangerous creature here.

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