Fungal Hound
Founded17 Lunar 1581 HE

Hyassalmo was built in the Horgon Era by drow colonists out of Eldalweril. In the Eldalweril Civil War, Hyassalmo ceded from the Eldalweril empire. Five years after this war, in the Year 23, and after seeing the economic dominance and quick recovery Hyassalmo was made the new capital of Eldalweril. An interesting twist in this change from the old capital of Jhaldrym (which had held that title for more than a millennia) to the new capital Hyassalmo, is that it came about from the urging of a drow house in Hyassalmo which before the war was low and practically unheard of, yet by the end of the war house Agrach Dyrr was the most powerful across all of Eldalweril's holdings.

In the First Epoch, Hyassalmo was the main sponsor of raids up Eáránë Aldaríon and into the surface lands of Taurelin. In the Second Epoch, Angrod had had enough of these raids, resulting in the High Down War (1285 - 1304). By war's end Eldalweril was shattered. The capital city Hyassalmo was ravaged and de-populated by Angrod's military. The citizenry could not come back because sentient vines, the Tendrils of Taurquion, had squeezed their way through walls and streets. These surface vines eventually died, releasing noxious fumes, poisonous gas, or becoming havens for mutative spores; a side-effect of the Lith-Crillion tech that came out of the Pyramid of Nature. Some of these budded into fungal lifeforms, things that have kept Hyassalmo uninhabitable, a ruin.

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  • Temple of the Fourth Strand
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