A t h â n â l o Tani-Tur

Athânâlo - Marninnoth
Founded13 Dreamer 299

Tani-Tur was founded early in the First Epoch by the Tragaran tribe Tangad-Sin. Over the next seventy years, a few hundred grew to 30,000. It was a strong city-state of the Gulimbor region. There wealth came largely from mineral resources, wheat, barley, and grapes. The minotaurs of central Imrabêl were there most bothersome foes.

In 370 Tani-Tur was forcibly annexed by the Burterinii empire.

In 461, armies of Queen Agadî Urkuzîr of the First Khazarkar Empire, captured this much prized hold. They had besieged it dozens of times over the last two centuries. In a first, Queen Agadî had renamed the conquered hold. It was given the name Athânâlo, the Nidurrâb word for sanctity. Tani-Tur has a similar meaning in Tragaran, meaning blessed ground. The point of this change was a form of cultural replacement, something that continues in Cinazan to this day, replacing the old with the new, and in many Khazarkar minds, their superiority over the people around them.

In 654, Athânâlo was the heart of the Khazarkar empire. As such, Athânâlo replaced Akann'ndâb as the empire's capital.

The ruins of this once great city are located at the northern tip of Imrabêl. Overgrown with vegetation, it has two huge bridges spanning the Agallurân and the Nilkhimân rivers. As a result of magical energies released in the Domination Wars (995 - 1016), many creatures encountered in this ruin are spellwarped. These creatures have magical resistances and magical powers far beyond what they might normally possess. The ruin is also haven to living spells which prowl the surface and the ancient research catacombs beneath.

When things started getting really bad in the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), the arcane guilds of the city got together and worked on ways to stop the uncontrolled energies pouring out of tears in the Web of Magic. One of the things they created were arcane oozes. These creatures were able to eat a great deal of magic and were thought to be the best way of stopping the cataclysm. Sadly, there was so much magic that after a time, the arcane oozes would split from absorbing so much magic. They proliferated and then became a threat to the arcane guilds. Numerous casters of arcane spells were killed by the arcane oozes. Today, the lands of Gulimbor are still healing from the Gulimbor Cataclysm, but terrors like the arcane oozes are out there, and in great numbers.

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