Founded2 Saunas 781 HE

Herfarel was founded by Kriavian Elf settlers out of Lagaer. By the early part of the First Epoch, Herfarel had become a wealthy city-state. The city spread across rocky hills, ravines and brooks. The position of the city was such that light in one quarter could barely be seen in another quarter due to the hilly nature of the area. The city traded with the halfling tribes of Armânuk and with the more peaceful Graagvrii of Orondir. In the early period of the First Epoch, the Graagvrii tribes became more friendly with the elves. This came about because of a constant need for arms to be used against the bullywug tribes pushing south into their territory. When the Graagvrii tribes were wiped out, the bullywug started attacking the elves. The two antagonists warred for more than twenty years. Sadly, the bullywug reproduction was so fast, that even if the battles were won they came at cost much higher to the elves with their lower birthrate. In 608, the elves evacuated Herfarel and migrated south into the deep wooded expanse of Miradelgûn. In the Rôzadruk forest, they started anew at Lambaril.

The ruins of Herfarel are overgrown with vegetation, and now mostly reduced to rubble. The history of the place has not been lost, for spread across Herfarel are many glyph stones that give a record of daily life, events, and the history of the Herfarel's elves. Some of the history states that the populate complained of gnoll raids from Damreth and the threat posed by the hydras and Graagvrii of southern Orondir. Some glyph stones hint of a history of bullywug genocide against the Graagvrii.

The holdings of Herfarel stretched as far south as Karbêl.

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