Glacial Throne

Igacin on the Glacial Throne
Built27 Lunar 751

The Glacial Throne is a powerful artifact holding the soul of the Nithian mage Igacin. This Tamlêrran mage waged a protracted war with his step-sister Anube to control lands in southwestern Magrâbik.

Growing tired of small-scale conflicts, Igacin turned his resources to building a powerful artifact. A copy of these plans soon fell into the hands of his sister Anube's spies. This led to the building of the Pumice Throne. It is said brother and sister went insane in the construction of these powerful artifacts.

Drawing on the essence of Crybhox, Igacin powered up his throne. This gave it power, but not guidance. Reaching the end of his mortal existence, greatly desiring to carry on their game, Igacin transfered his psyche into his throne. The made it sentient, giving it guidance. When his sister followed suit, transferring her psyche into her Pumice Throne, so started the Thrones War (751 - present) with this sister. Igacin's first act from within the Glacial Throne was the opening of the Indraph Rift.

The Glacial Throne is made out of Tolm. It is an immovable object, a mile inside a glacier, at the heart of the great ice city of Indraph. The owner of this city, Artaxertus, is a largely guided by the sentience of the Glacial Throne.

Anyone sitting on this throne or entering the throne room will most likely be dominated, thereby becoming a servant to the Glacial Throne.

- Grimrock, from the History of Crimson Eye, "Thrones of Elemantum"