Glacial Throne

Igas on the Glacial Throne
Built27 Lunar 751

The Glacial Throne is a powerful artifact holding the soul of the Nithian mage Igas. This Tamlêrran mage waged a protracted war with his step-sister Anubeth to control lands in southwestern Magrâbik. Unable to beat Anubeth with conventional armies or in single combat, he turned his resources to building a powerful artifact. The plans for this artifact were later stolen by Anubeth and she too built a copy of the throne. Anubeth (c.f. Pumice Throne) and Igas created two equally powerful artifacts and went insane in the process. They made the thrones out of Tolm and because of the properties of this stone, they built them where they still sit today, immovable objects, high in the mountains surrounded by a giant-built citadel.

Igas powered up the artifact by drawing out the life essence of Crybhox. When this was done, the artifact had power but lacked guidance.

Sitting on the throne, I can guide its powers but am very susceptible to attack. Anubeth can send in an assassin and slit my throat or blast me with a barrage of magic and my personal defenses would be near useless, or a disgruntled frost giant guard, seeking to bring back their people's glory, could take light of the situation and smash my head in.

The best place to wield the Throne's might will be from inside.

- Igas, from a journal found in Indraph - "Throne Properties"

To carry on their struggle, Igas and then Anubeth made the ultimate sacrifice by transferring their souls into the thrones. After this transfer, the artifacts became sentient, soul prisons for those that created them. These devices carried on their personal war, the Thrones War, by opening rifts to the elemental ring worlds. The Glacial Throne created the Indraph Rift, a one-way rift between the worlds Fimbulwinter and Bal-Kriav and its opposite created one linking with the hot world Muspelheim.

The Glacial Throne is located in the region named after its creator. This unnatural and elemental infused region is called Igas. The Artaxertans rule this region and are largely guided by the sentience of the Glacial Throne.

Anyone sitting on this throne or entering the throne room will most likely be dominated, thereby becoming a servant to the Glacial Throne.

- Grimrock, from the History of Crimson Eye, "Thrones of Elemantum"