Yol Kahest

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasFire Cauldron
Founded19 Bloom 472
MapEnkii Jusk

Yol Kahest is the capital of Thashangriel. The city is built in and around the northern face of a dormant volcano called Yolos Vun. Over the centuries, this volcano has erupted with sometimes disastrous results on the city and its dwellers. Many aqueducts and canals cross through the city in an attempt to divert any potential lava flows. The city was built to immense proportions. This was done to accommodate the red dragons that have ruled the Thashangriel empire. Most buildings are also large enough to accommodate giants. The richness of the empire is evident in the construction of the city with its grandiose statues of dragons, obsidian cobblestone streets, colored glass windows, walls of lava stone and adamantine window grills. The city is also very clean, since any trash or debris is thrown into lava streams that flow through the city's sewers. The city is constantly bathed in a fiery glow from numerous fire motes which hover at various places over the city. These ever-burning balls of fire are also set in decorative fashion through-out the city; cooler burning motes are set into the eyes sockets of statues or set as the buckles or studs of a statue's crown, or even serve as the bars on windows.

Yol Kahest is located in the northern part of Kii Nev. One of the most renown creatures to come out of this city was Apocalypse.