Terrors of Singarban
RegionTribe Steppes

Singarban is a forest in the Sava'loth's eastern tracts. It is a haven for wild beasts, those with lycanthropy, and marauding bands of bloodthirsty Jara.

Singarban is home to werewolves in the thousands. The more intelligent are masters of werewolf packs, who by day are bandits, vicious predators at night. They are as dangerous as the Jara, even routing jara war-bands much larger themselves.

The forest's eastern edge is the Shadow Rift. Some of the shadowy creatures of this canyon end up in Singarban where they fall victim to werewolves. Those tainted with shadow energy become werewolves with powers far beyond the normal. Depending on the demeanor of these shadow werewolves, they usually end up as very powerful and dangerous loners, or the alpha male leading a pact of werewolves with the abilities to merge with the shadows or teleport via shadows.