Founded18 Saunas 9147 GE

Tyelmantar is an ancient hold built in the Demon Spawn War by a Turkûn workforce under Naraz-Nâru. When the work of the dwarves was done, a token force remained behind to maintain it. It was garrisoned largely by a brigade of wood elves more suited for rear duties than front-line combat. These wood elves came under the banner of Lolth, whom at the time was a member of the Quara'tun Covenant. and in good standing; she had yet been captured and induced to the path of chaos and evil. The elves were charged with overseeing a prison whose malcontents consisted of demons and any caught serving them. This prison-stronghold was built underground for two reasons, one to make it harder to escape from and the other to carry out information gathering on prisoners without raising too much alarm among the Covenant's goodly members.

In 9244 GE, the city was assailed by a colossus. This creature, still carrying out orders from its long gone primordial masters, battered the walls of the angelic fortress causing great structural damage. The defenders used ruse to draw the creature west into Chaszmyr where it disappeared in the dark waters of the lake. The damage to Tyelmantar was such that it split walls and opened a dozen or more prison cells. The demons wrecked havoc in the prison, adding to the mayhem when they let out those still locked up. Tyelmantar fell to the prison break. A few dozen defenders survived only from a hasty retreat. After the battle, the demons took over Tyelmantar, yet never posed much of a threat to the Quara'tun Covenant. They were allowed to keep it for about fifty years, then General Abbathor led the Mîmêk Army against the place. The demons, already battered from in-fighting, were no match for the dwarven army. In 9293 GE, the city was once again occupied by forces of the Quara'tun Covenant. They did not remain long though, since Xalyth no longer had strategic value to the war effort. Before retiring from the place, priests of Naraz-Nâru (now a God) censured Tyelmantar with holy magic preventing demons from re-entering the ruin.

Lolth, after having suffered torment by Goul'lumin, remembered this place when she sent her elven followers, now called the drow, to Bal-Kriav. In 411 LE, several hundred drow settlers used a feywild fuse to cross over from the world Kriav to Bal-Kriav. They re-occupied the ruin Tyelmantar. They left much of the old dwarven construction intact, building around or over them. They had to do this, because some areas still possess powerful holy wards for keeping demons at bay.

In the First Epoch, the drow empire Urthin-Mejin absorbed Tyelmantar as one of its holdings.

Tyelmantar has a powerful forge that was left behind after the prison break. This forge provides light fortification to magical armor at half the cost and time to build.

Notable Areas
  • Tyelmantar Furnance
Civilization Tree