Tyelmantar - upper city
DeitiesAbbathor, Lolth
Founded18 Saunas 9147 GE

Built in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), Tyelmantar served as a Covenant prison fortress. It held demons deemed worthy of study, interrogation, and prisoner swaps; the latter not a common practice when dealing with demon-kind.

In 9244 GE, the prison was assailed by a primordial war engine, an Iron Colossus from the dust fields of Helagenn. This construct, still carrying out orders from its long gone primordial masters, destroyed walls and towers before being lured west into underwater chasms of Lake Chaszmyr. For the prison, the damage was great. Instead of following prison protocol laid down by the Covenant's judiciary branch, that is liquidation of all prisoners in an earthquake-like event, the garrison tried to contain the prison breaks. In a matter of days, key figures were charmed by the more cunning demons. The end result was a great slaughter, Tyelmantar falling into the hands of a series of petty demon satraps.

Under demon control, Tyelmantar never posed much of a threat to the Quara'tun Covenant. Under demon control for fifty years, the prison saw great torture and demons again thrown into cells by stronger demons.

In 9293 GE, the prison was retaken by General Abbathor and his Mîmêk Army. With the Demon Spawn War moving to distant sectors, it was soon abandoned.

In 411 LE, in the First Splintering of Thiliorúth, nearly a thousand Drow left their home world of Kriav for another. After passing through a feywild fuse, these former subjects of Thiliorúth went on to resettle the ruins of Tyelmantar.

In the First Epoch, the drow empire Urthin-Mejin, by war, added Tyelmantar to its holdings.

Tyelmantar has a powerful forge that was left behind after the prison break. This forge provides light fortification to magical armor at half the cost and time to build.


Tyelmantar is divided into two parts. The upper part, built by the Drow, is a city scattered across hundreds of stalagmites. Most of these are linked by bridges, or when too distant, travel is made by gondola, magic, or flying mount. The city below, built by the Covenant, is Turkûn styled architecture - everything twice as thick as required. The builders were a military workforce under General Naraz-Nâru. The drow that took over this area, opened up the prison, making it livable. As the population grew, the city expanded into the stalagmites. Help came from conjured earth elementals, hard work, and magic. Those of means moved into this growing city of the stalagmites. For ease of getting around, most visitors prefer the city below. Seekers of wild and exotic nightlife, always go up.

Notable Areas
  • Tyelmantar Furnance
Civilization Tree
Thiliorúth (ex-pats)