RegionAerie of Dragons
RaceWhite Dragon
TitleLord of Inzurakthol
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born25 Bliss 1559 HE
Died14 Hollow 841

Amaglothorn was born in a dragon hatchery in the labyrinths of Viing Prolgiid. Under this Galirkrad ruin is a vast underground complex that serves as the headquarters for a very old dragon cult named Sottisk. These dragon cultists hatched their first dragon on 25 Bliss 1559 HE. The egg they used was one of a clutch left behind by Tiamat when she left for the Hells system.

We deliberated with the idea of incubating one of the eggs for nearly three decades, with most leery of bringing forth anything from the Gral Wahliik line. At the time, there were vague legends of the last wyrm hatched of Tiamats Clutch. Most said that Cennuth, a blue, was utterly independent, ruthless, and sought nothing but plunder and destruction.

Of our remaining eggs, I have named two. Through my own magic, I have one as a shadow type and will call it Torfillifus and the little skull white one shall take the name Amaglothorn.

- Haal Iiz, excerpt from his book on dragon-blood families - "The Blood of Gral Wahliik"

In 435, Whitefang's sorcerers created the first Diiv Kiir by unnatural methods. Amaglothorn's blood was part of this invasive process. Over the months and years that followed, Whitefang infused dozens of elven maidens coming out of Inzurakthol. Of those that survived, half remained with Whitefang, the others returned to Amaglothorn where they became his servants and soldiers.

Amaglothorn is most known for the construction of Ice Tear and the cataclysmic transformation of Inzurakthol. The cataclysm is said to have been caused by Amaglothorn loss of sanity. This started and gradually grew more intense in the middle of the First Epoch. One element of his madness was an almost insatiable desire for elven maidens. He would often polymorph himself into an elf and try to seduce them, and when this failed he would revert back to dragon form and carry them off against their will. After several decades of this behavior, the elven people of Inzurakthol became well-versed in his slyness. After this, Amaglothorn began employing minions to capture the maidens or brazenly went after them himself. He was wounded many times on these forays, yet his desire for them overrode any caution he might have. Over the centuries, Amaglothorn successfully mated with a dozen or so elven maidens, leading to the birth of Diiv Kiir elven children. Today, there are several thousand dragon-descended elves with ancestry to Amaglothorn, most citizens of Tári Súrion. These dragon-descended elves are noted for either pure white or bluish white hair.

In 791, Amaglothorn broke a seal inside of Iiz Vaaz. This brought forth energies from Chaos which forever changed Inzurakthol. The area became a cold, snowy, glacier filled valley that suffered fifty years of blizzard-like conditions under Amaglothorns Breath. It only stopped when Amaglothorn tried to seal the rift between this realm and Chaos. Amaglothorn sealed the tomb by freezing the rift with his breath, but the backlash from its closure also caused him to be entombed in ice. The wizards of Oduv Ven claim that Amaglothorn is in stasis, freeing him would again unleash his glorious breath.

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