Fathom Two

RegionTroll Bogs
DeitiesBahamut, Phalgas, Tempestant
Founded3 Temporal 1414

Fathom Two is named after another city of the Eenkai called Fathom. This latter city was destroyed in 1692 during what became known among their people as the Bombing of Geb. When Fathom Two, along with Bathyl and Biomechallum, came through Tempestants Springs, they found themselves in the swamp-fed waters of the Bog Sea. These three cities are of the Nordern empire; the core of its people, the Eenkai, aliens to Bal-Kriav. There three cities found themselves in an inland sea with no open route to the deep ocean to the west. As a deep ocean people, a circumstance forced upon them during their time on Gebs Rain, they yearned to get through Belnêth and to the deeper, cleaner waters of the Mephigax. It would be a little more than a century before that dream would be fulfilled, but Fathom Two, capital of the Nordern Empire, would not make it. Late in 1829, the Mephigax-Bog Channel was closed by Eclipse. She warned the Norderns that their dredging was against Nature, and acting against divine interests, so she sealed in up with the Briar of Mirundân.

Shining like a sliver of silver on a emerald sea is the grandiose island-city called Fathom Two. This wondrous place is the capital of Nordern. The city is fashioned from coral, lifted from the sea beds of Gebs Rain by priests of Tempestant. The city has four inner harbors, each a mile across. These harbors are marvels in themselves, with dry docks, equipment manned by sea giants and aided by an array of marine life. The channels connecting the harbors are flanked by 115' high walls. The walls are ornately carved and undergo continuous improvement in their artwork. Spanning these deep channels are numerous ornate bridges. These bridges provide access to the four outer districts of Fathom Two.

At the core of Fathom Two is the Trident Grotto. This place is where the government convenes. This coral island and its many buildings are separated by grottoes; making access to most of them limited to swimming or small-craft. Foreign dignitaries are carried to the government offices by barges pulled by sea turtles.

Notable Areas
  • Nonvul Vahraniik
  • Trident Grotto
Civilization Tree
Fathom Two