Elder Furs

Elder Fur Zataran
Formed14 Temporal 790

The people that went on to forms the Borillisk Empire had long held their elders in high respect. Their shamans, once they became venerable in age, were revered like saints. Thus in 790, with the founding of the Borillisk state in the southernmost parts of the Gulimbor Region, leadership fell to a geriatocracy where elders and the very old made all the decisions. This council of wise men became known as the Elder Furs. This name came from the heavy furs they wore in the great open-area forum at the heart of Lanirûk.

They are always complaining about being cold, so we get them blankets or finely made coats, which they then steal from the forum. When they are not dosing off, snoring, the old rascals are always up something. We are lucky that their are nearly a hundred of them, because any less, we would be licking the boot heels of a Khazarkar.

- author unknown, from a personal journal of an attendant at the Pendax Forum in Lanirûk

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