Kriavian Elf Kriavfahliil

Kriavian Elf
Typeelf sub-race
Creation9 Bloom 776 DE
LanguageDraconic, Elvish
NativeBal-Kriav, Kriav

In all of recorded history, the greatest creationist on the side of Negative Entropy was Bruh Kreniik. Even though he tended to be on the side of Law, he still made a good many things that were more entropic energy than its opposite. On 9 Bloom 776 DE, on the world Kriav, he created the first elven race. He named them Kriavfahliil, the Draconic word for Kriavian Elf.

The first of the race, a mere mortal, would eventually become the god Corellon. Bruh Kreniik created more like Corellon, jump starting the population, giving them a fighting chance in the great wars he knew were to come from his and others Works of Creation.

In the Creation War and the Demon Spawn War, the Kriavfahliil were called into action, aiding the gods and their armies against primordial and demon hordes bent on laying waste to all they had built.

On the world Bal-Kriav, all Kriavfahliil have ancestry to nations calling Kriav their home world. The two largest are Gwildath and Marchenir. They have been sending colonists to Bal-Kriav since the Lith-Crillion Era. They do this by feywild fuses, crossing inter-system rifts linking places on Bal-Kriav with places on Kriav. These settlers have formed empires and settlements across a wide area of Bal-Kriav's super region Midrêth.

Kriavfahliil with bloodlines to Gwildath, are concentrated in the southern and western regions of Midrêth; the latter as citizens of the Ithengee Monarhy or the "Gilraen" of the Khazarkar Empire.

Bureaucracy was ingrained in the fabric of every Andrithiachian, it was the basis of laws formulated by the Gwildath, curbing each Kriavian Elf's natural chaotic tendencies. The colonists that left Kriav and came to Bal-Kriav, brought the Gwildath Bureaucratic Codices with them. Andrithiach followed these, just as their kin do at Tasartir and once did at Celanil.

- Caliguworm, personal journal, Series 21A, Book 4-1B, Entry 3-D5 - "Control the Natural Urge"

Those of Marchenir are in the eastern and northern regions. This separation mirrors the rival's positions on Kriav.

Alas, the old enemy follows us to Bal-Kriav. The Phael-Tetramord War is not going well. Our mages are seeking every avenue to gain an advantage. In desperation, this includes a petition to open up the archival vaults and procure forbidden scrolls written by the ill-fated Celedhroth. Though now long since swallowed up by their own dark magic, their scrolls, tomes, and relics still haunt our archival vaults. This magic, created by a magocracy that once governed Marchenir is focused on fiends and conjuration. Must we turn to fiends that are more ruthless and cunning than our current enemies?

This morning the vote was in favor of opening up the archival vaults. Can we practice restraint and not bring fell creatures forth that will do to us what they did to the Celedhroth?

- Neithil, scribe of the High Magister, 13 Hollow 23 - "Beginning of the Dark Pacts"

One of the most powerful abilities of this race is their ability to rift hop, akin to the spell Dimension Door. This racial trait, called the Kriav Cube Taint, develops over time, with each year of age offering a 2% chance of success. It is a potentially dangerous skill with its fair share of fatalities and accidents. This racial trait was not built into the race by their creator. It is instead the result of the Cube Collapse that occurred in 1301 DE.

Racial Traits
Dragon Creation +1 intelligence
Kriav Cube Taint dimension door up to 5 squares distance, 1/hour, success chance equal to 2% per year of age
Racial as elf (High Elf)
Lifespan 750 years