Kriavian Elf Kriavfahliil

Kriavian Elf
Typeelf sub-race
Creation9 Bloom 776 DE
LanguageDraconic, Elvish
NativeBal-Kriav, Kriav

On 9 Bloom 776 DE, an Arch-Creationist named Bruh Kreniik forged the first elven race. He named them Kriavfahliil, a Draconic word for Kriav Elf; elf of the world Kriav. Those of other worlds generally refer to them as Kriavian Elves.

The first Kriavfahliil was named Corellon. Bruh Kreniik created more like him, jump starting the population, giving them a fighting chance in the great wars he knew would come with these Works of Creation.

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), and its follow-on, the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the Kriavfahliil were called into action, aiding the Covenants of both wars against the primordial and demon hordes bent on laying waste to all they had built.

Many Kriavfahliil of Bal-Kriav have ancestry to either the Gwildath Monarchy or the Marchenir Republic. Both nations of the world Kriav, they have been sending colonists to Bal-Kriav for thousands of years. Those with bloodlines to Gwildath, are found in the lands of the Ithengee Monarhy, Tári Súrion and in the Khazarkar Empire. Those of the Khazarkar Empire are descendants and former subjects of the Gilraen Oligarchy.

Kriavfahliil with bloodlines to the Marchenir Republic are found in Lambaril and other less well-known areas.

A product of the Cube Collapse, Kriavfahliil have a powerful natural ability called Rift Hop. It develops over time, with each year of age offering a 2% chance of success.

Kriavfahliil skin coloration range from pale white to light gray.

Racial Traits
Dragon Creation +1 intelligence
Rift Hop 1 time / hour, dimension door up to 5 squares distance, success chance equals 2% per year of age
Racial as elf (High Elf)
Lifespan 750 years