Oaken Gate

Oaken Gate
RegionLands of Purity, Elrohir Mithrandír
Opened19 Bloom 42

In the Year 42, a group of Ancalimë wizards were tampering with the Web of Magic under the limbs of a very old treant named Hemlockdoff. The dabblers of the Web of Magic, stayed too long in the Weave, and drew the attention of a weave spider. The magic-draining spider attacked the elven wizards, drawing one into the Web of Magic. Hemlockdoff, grabbed the weave spider and attempted to drag the beast and the trapped elf back to Bal-Kriav. At this point, the weave spider and Hemlockdoff fought for more than ten minutes, with the hapless elven wizard's magic proving useless against the dreaded weave spider. Hemlockdoff killed the weave spider with a great bite. The weave spider's death caused a massive explosion of magic which sent the elves flying in all directions, and killed Hemlockdoff. After recovering their composure, the elves searched in vain for their wizard friend, but no trace of him was found. The search of the area of explosion revealed a spiraling brown nexus of energy. This anomaly was studied for many months, until an intrepid wizard stepped into it. It took the elf to the other side of Bal-Kriav. On the opposite side, the wizard stepped out of a colossal oak tree. Turning around, he saw the outline of the missing elven wizard, burned into the trunk. After studying it for some time, the wizard walked into the image and was taken back to whence he came.

The Oaken Gate is a permanent intra-system gate. In Elrohir Mithrandír, the gateway appears as a spinning brown nexus of energy, at the base of an ancient burned tree trunk. The other opening, or exit depending on which side you are on, is in the southeastern tracts of the Lands of Purity. The entrance on this side is 100' off the ground in the trunk of a Cloudscraper. The gateway is surrounded by wood elf guards and the fortress Elamir. Travellers enter this portal by passing into an image of an elf burned into the trunk. Living Vines cover the opening and actively protect the tree and entrance. This Cloudscraper tree is called the Guardian Father. It has spirits of those druids that decided to live out their afterlife as wards of the tree and the gateway. This gives the tree a repertoire of spells rivaling the mightiest of druids.

Oaken Gate provides a quick means of reaching the other side of the Bal-Kriav; the super region Antanwen. The side of the gate in Midrêth is protected by the wood elves of Galadriël. The opposite side of the gate in Antanwen is guarded by the Jade Wardens of Ancalimë.

For security reasons, use of this rift is generally not open to anyone who wants to use it. It requires at least two years to get approvals, and that assumes you have someone that will sponsor you.

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