Guthnimor - Hadraniel
RegionLands of Purity
Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesDanzar-Khâl, Naraz-Nâru
Founded13 Kindle 422 HE

Guthnimor is an ancient mountain fortress built by the Sulukhan (c.f. Svirrurm) family of storm giants. In 740 HE, the Naral-Mîma clan were forced to this place by a large army of Tungesti. The dwarves occupied the abandoned place and turned it into a mighty citadel. They repelled the Tungesti attacks and slowly drove the barbarians back north.

The people of this city-state have long held the passes of Urkthal. They keep hostile forces from using them or passing along their bridges like Kharal-Gik.

The dwarves of Guthnimor are some of the more reclusive peoples of the Lands of Purity. They seem more content on mining and guarding the passes and bridges than trading with the Council of Bile, Malacost or other non-dwarven peoples of the Sylvan Kingdoms.

Guthnimor financed the construction of Gazulud-Gik; for no other reason than the challenge. The dwarves of this city have gained a reputation for building and considered some of the best engineers in the realm. They are employed whenever some nearly impossible engineering must be performed.

Guthnimor is located on the eastern face of Galithagâm. This towering mountain holds a great city and miles of tunnels within it. East of the city is the largest bridge in the realm, a marvel of engineering called the Kharal-Gik. It was built to trade with the eastern nations of Hells Womb and for reaching the mines of Urkthal. In the bowels of Guthnimor are enormous labyrinths built by the dwarves for several gold and silver dragons. These creatures and their offspring have dwelled with the dwarves for so long that they consider themselves part of the dwarven clan. The fortress is said to be impregnable, having never fallen to any attacking force. In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the place was attacked by the undead legions of Dax Jagg. The horrendous losses in the siege was even too much for him to stomach, so the Black Tide turned to the oceans and the Sorrow Pass to reach the Lands of Purity.

Citizenship of this city is restricted to dwarves and several extended families of silver dragons. The city employs kobold prisoners to remove debris from the mines and perform other labor. These kobolds are given their freedom when they have shown to have abandoned their wicked ways.

In 1082, colonists were sent west to seek new mines and holdings for their people. The Aragûl clan led this expedition. In 1084, they settled in Ginzarak and established the settlement Maharâg.

Roughly 80% of the population worship Naraz-Nâru, and the rest pay homage to Danzar-Khâl.

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