RegionAerie of Dragons
Class25th barbarian
Dragon Lord - Ag Envok875 - 985
Alignmentchaotic neutral
BirthplaceSken Drog
Born11 Temporal 421
Died9 War March 985

Menkentat, father of the empire Ag Envok (875 - present), became its first Dragon Lord on 16 Temporal 875. Some say he is not the first, but a continuation of the Dragon Lords that once ruled the Zeymah'kein Empire (600 HE - 1600 HE), with idea that Ag Envok could just as well be called the Second Zeymah'kein Empire.

Menkentat was unlike most Muneyd'vith upstarts that came before him. He wasn't as evil as most of his kind. He was determined to build something bigger than a roving army driven by the whims of battle priests and shamans in service to Tiamat; secretly he was a follower of the ways of Ares, taking a more long-term approach to conflict, winning wars instead of just battles. Some of his advisors, die-hard Ares fanatics, planned to first show what their champion could do, then prove to the masses that it was the wisdom of Ares that brought victory and empire.

On 16 Temporal 875, the day of the empire's founding, decades of conflict had brought a semblance of unity to lands once ruled by the Zeymah'kein. Unlike that Horgon Era empire with Bahamut its divine backer, Ag Envok would have the Church of Ares as its centerpiece.

Menkentat's reign was harsh but fair. Unrest, breakaway provinces were put down with the utmost ruthlessness, in all quite effective in brining a degree of law and restoring the honor of the region's dragon-bloods; lost they say when Zeymah'kein fell to the devil worshipers of Mir'piamauza.