LocationDeaths Kindle
Class25th lvl fighter / 18th lvl psionicist
TypeVampire, Spellstiched
RaceAuhtai, undead
TitleMinâth Protector, Commander of Ink Hold
Alignmentneutral evil
Born9 Bloom 977
Undead17 Saunas 1515

Crick was raised to be an elite guardian of the Minâth. He was one of a few clutches of very old eggs found deep in the Hive region. Before the discovery of these eggs, it was thought that the Auhtai were wiped out by the Hive Swarms that plague the southern lands of Karterus.

In the First Epoch, in the lands of Gulimbor, Crick was raised and bred for war by the Athirbêni military branch of the Khazarkar Empire. In a military crèches, Crick proved to be smarter than others. He was selected for special assignment as a Minâth Protector for the Dras'ee family (member of the Minâth-Nori). He was seven years old.

Crick served as a Minâth Protector for Lenassu Dras'ee for his entire mortal life. He adventured with her and with a party of adventurers called Black Banner. In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), they had a falling out with this group. Dras'ee and Crick went north to Grashakh where they built the labyrinth Spirit Crypt.

Up until this time, he prolonged his normally short life as a auhtai with magical elixirs. When Dras'ee decided to become a lich (c.f. 17 Saunas 1515), Crick signed on to join her as an undead. She infused his carapace with the baleful energies of Shadowfell, creating an undead auhtai of great power. In addition to an array of psionic powers, Crick has an assortment of offensive spells, thanks to being spellstiched by Dras'ee.

Crick remained at Dras'ee's side during the failed attempt to overthrow the Pharzîmrâth. This was against what the Minâth Protector is supposed to do, attacking the government, but he had been with Dras'ee for so long that he was more loyal to her than any government. They both survived Dras'ees War, but were captured and imprisoned in Ink Hold for three centuries. This would have been a death sentence for most, but since the pair were undead and quite powerful, they proved to be more than a match for the hordes of undead roaming about the ancient black hold.