Built27 Lunar 611

Utarn is located along the northwestern cliffs of Imsogrek. During the reign of the Tinnanguth, this château was a mountain retreat for seers, monks, and Tinnanguth nobility. It was a place for other things too, but only a few knew of these secret places.

After the Dao Civil War, the dao learned of a hidden library inside Utarn. It was a mirror of the one lost at Râpha-Sûn; rather than see it fall into the hands of their slaves, it was burned. The Utarn Archives was emptied, thousands upon thousands of scrolls and tomes, some dating all the way back to the pre-Horgon city-states on Osâchar, were shipped back to Tachylyte. The Utarn Archives, its seals and vault doors shattered, became like the ruin around it, a haven for beasts, monsters and other unsavory types.

In 1834, Zhuts Explorers entered Utarn, battling rogue Earthen and large numbers of undead under a crawling head named Nemelfous. In the château's deeper recesses, the adventurers discovered two energy rifts; one called the Azure Diamond and the other the Pitch Pentagon. This latter rift was being used by Pyrmidian Ghouls (sent from Sakullêth) as a weapons factory; producing Night Howlers and NEGs. Azure Diamond, with its positive energy, was in the hands of the Har'kish. The adventurers said that the githyanki and undead under some lord named Nemelfous, were fighting for control of both sources of energy.

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