I c e   T e a r Iiz Vaaz

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasIiz Vaaz
Built19 Hollow 541
MapIizus Yeldah

In the First Epoch, Inzurakthol's northern spur was ruled by an ancient and wicked white dragon named Amaglothorn. From his mountain redoubt, this wicked wyrm terrorized the valleys and mountain abodes of the dwarves and elves. Ice Tear was built by enslaved dwarves and elves. Their overseers were frost giants serving Amaglothorn.

Iiz Vaaz, Draconic for "Ice Tear", is a massive ruin at the northernmost edge of the Inzurakthol Plateau. Designed for the great bulk of a dragon, its halls and chambers are so large that they had to be supported by various types of elemental motes, floating ones called earth motes helped buttress walls and hold up massive ceilings, and serving in a more mundane roles, while air motes provide circulation and bigger ones worked like great fans, carrying those on the wing about the place with ease.

There were many attempts by Inzurakthol's elves and dwarves to destroy Amaglothorn, attack his mountain retreat, but the dragon proved to be too cunning.

The blue-black ice used to build Iiz Vaaz is so close to that of the same eerie stuff of Chemosh, that they are probably from the same nether realm. How this was procured for the building of the citadel remains a mystery. He was master of Iizus Yeldah and if not for the doings of others, the terrible one would have taken his place alongside greats like Tiamat and Bahamut.

- Illafairë of Oduv Ven, "Amaglothorn's Iiz Vaaz"

The histories of Iizus Yeldah's dwarves and elves say that in 791 the dragon Amaglothorn broke a magical seal in Ice Tear. When this was done, a storm of cold blew into this realm from Chaos. Over the next fifty years, Amaglothorns Breath, a unnatural winter storm buried the entire valley in snow, ice, and glaciers.

One trait of Amaglothorn was a desire for elven maidens. Amaglothorn sent minions into the lands of the elves to capture them and even coerced some dwarves to do these tasks and in return the dragon gave safe passage and abstained from raiding on their settlements.

After the seal was broken, Ice Tear became an extremely cold place. Even on the warmest days of Saunas, the temperature of this place is far below freezing. At the heart of Ice Tear, is Amaglothorn, encased in blue-white ice. The frozen dragon cannot be approached closer than 500 yards without suffering the same fate as the dragon.