MapArmânuk Hills

The Armânuk hills begin southeast of the city ruin Sakarumân. In the First Epoch, this area was home to the Nermaneans. These halflings built many small settlements in and around the hills. Families like the Hannanâtha, and the town of Maurkac, were made rich from all the silver coming out of these hills. At the height of the Nermanis Syndicate civilization, there were 30 working silver mines.

In the middle of the Second Epoch, the reach of the Khazarkar Empire expanded through this area all the way to the Core Sea. The Nermaneans, having lost much of their lands to raiders and seeing their empire fall to the giants, were eager to carry-on their trade network with others protecting the borders. As such, the Nermaneans submitted to Khazarkar rule. Thereafter, the hills were nearly abandoned as a place of living with the halflings "encouraged" to move into Khazarkar holdings. Many of them went to Barun-Mitân.

Before the Cinazan Front, these hills were pitted with active and abandoned silver mines. In the war, the hills south of Sakarumân were heavily fortified by the Khazarkar Empire. The place has numerous trenches and dugouts, and is littered with the wreckage of war. Numerous bones protrude from the soil. When it rains, it is said the hills turn a muddy red from all the blood spilled here.

The Armânuk hills lie within the Girribêth forest. The hills follow the bends of the Avalninâth and end near Karbêl.

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