Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth - Zyrath
RegionNorthern Hordelands
Founded1 Hollow 612

When the Drugnod Dynasty came to power, the gnoll chieftains and other tribal heads of the Zyrath were coerced or forced to come to the table and agree on the establishment of territories. After a century, and much internal conflict, this led to stability in a region that had since the Horgon Era been one of seemingly perpetual tribal warfare.

One of the territories established under the Drugnod Dynasty was the area where the Broken Teeth tribe were centered. By 612, a permanent settlement had sprung up in an area that had once been used for nomadic tents. This settlement of the Broken Teeth tribe, and named after them, grew in importance and wealth due to its strategic position between three tribes and a mineral rich valley. This valley is known by many as Copper Flow because of nearly a hundred active mines of this cheap metal.

In all estimates, Copper Flow is the source for 60% of the known world's copper coinage. Broken Teeth, the heart of commerce for the gnolls of Garormuk has such quantities of the stuff, more than the economy can bear, that they use it to wrap columns, plate the ceilings of the wealthy, and other extravagance.

- Pinth, from military plans written by him during the Black Tide War - "Operation: Broken Copper"

Black Tide never made it north after the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), so Pinth's military operation to plunder the city never came to fruition.

Broken Teeth is overshadowed by the Kanorthak mountains. The city is buffeted by winds that blow down the valley from the north. When the winds of the north are calm, a breeze blows from the southern end. This current of air is the Copper Breeze.

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