Built21 Saunas 815

Built by Ilfongrak, this citadel spans the Ezdynn River. It was built to serve as a fortified bridge and toll gate for traffic moving along or needing to cross the bridge.

Always under threat of an attack by those working for Bloodtusk, Marmarath became a formidable bastion protecting lands under the care of the Torgilm Confederacy (1475 - 1719). Although they tried three times, the armies of Admiral Bloodtusk were never able to capture this place. He did leave a little something behind though. In the second conflict, agents of the Zombie Drakon, a cell of the Cult of Worms, got a place inside the citadel.

In 1693, a year into the Terror March, forces under Raxcvillibus stormed the castle. On orders of the conquering general, all those on the payroll of the Zombie Drakon were executed. In the rebuilding of the place, their bodies were thrown into the construction of the walls and towers.

The defenses of Marmarath are formidable, with four towering walls protecting the approach and numerous squat towers holding batteries of mortars and cannons. Ju-ju zombies patrol the walls, supported by minotaur death priests. The ravines and passes of the surrounding area are patrolled by several mountain giants and no less than fifteen wyverns and their riders. Inside this fortress is a laboratory used to bolster undead. This lab is sited over where the bones of a high priest were put to rest - ground up and serving as mortar for the floor's tile. This priest was the one that led the Zombie Drakon cell before it was wiped out in the Terror March.

Today, Marmarath serves as an outpost against any incursions by the Goth-Dyvermoir or raiders coming down from Kimaris.

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