Ba'lithian Pit Fighter
Creation16 War March 8985 GE

Created in the labs of Tixargium, the Minotaur people were made in the image of their creator, the demon lord Baphomet. In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) they fought alongside the demons. Hundreds escaped the watch of their brutal masters, or were freed from Covenant prisons after the war, while the majority went back to the Abyssal worlds of their masters.

On the world of Bal-Kriav, the beginning of minotaur civilization happened in the Imrabêl Valley. For two eras, they eked out a pitiful existence of petty warlords fighting for each others land. Their fortunes changed in the First Epoch when humans, the Khazarkar and the Tragaran, began encroaching on their lands. The petty minotaur warlords turned to raiding the lands of their rich new neighbors; some large pitched battles. Imrabêl's minotaurs fought three wars with their neighbors. The last, the Third Imrabêl War (412 - 414), ended with minotaur lands swallowed by the First Khazarkar Empire, and their people enslaved.

During their four centuries of servitude, 414 - 796, most minotaurs agree that their Khazarkar masters made them a better people, educated and civilized them, weeding out old demon tendencies of rapine and brutality. As part of the Minotaur Cultural Edict (420 - 796), the Khazarkar also selectively bred the minotaurs, eradicating chaotic and bestial temptation.

In the Great Minotaur Revolt (785 - 796), the minotaurs of the First Khazarkar Empire won their freedom. They migrated west into the Azrik Region, one group heading north where they founded the settlement of Ilfongrak and the others south where they founded Bâlê.

The minotaurs of Karterus lost their ancestral language, Abyssal under the Minotaur Cultural Edict. Today, most minotaurs home to Karterus have Nidurrâb as their first language.

Racial Traits
Bestial Blood +4 Strength
Ancestral Toughness +2 Constitution
Thick Skin +2 natural AC
Goring Charge single charging gore attack for 4d6 (plus strength modifier) points of damage