Typemedium-sized humanoid
Creation4 Saunas 2219 DE
NativeAstral Sea, Bal-Kriav, Limbo

In the Dawn Era, a Lith-Crillion named Githyon served as an advisor to Ptah. Like his master, Githyon was deep into the study of psychic energy. His experiments led to the psionic methods known today as Energy Exchange. In a secret lab on GhĂ­fthauk, using earth archons as subjects, Githyon created the first Githzerai and days later, the first Githyanki, exchanging the archon's elemental energy with life energy, and trapping forlorn souls destined for Chaos in their bodies.

Like the githyanki, for much of the Horgon Era the githzerai were slaves to the Suellk. In the Incarsabec Rebellion, the githyanki and githzerai rose up as one in the Suellk capital city. This rebellion fanned out across GhĂ­fthauk and to the planet's moons. During the conflict, tens of thousands of githyanki and githzerai managed to escape their masters through Silver Mirrors. These mirrors took them to the Astral Sea where they slowly rebuilt their civilizations. Since that dark time, the githzerai have rekindled their warring with their two arch-enemies, the illithids and the githyanki.

In 1545 HE, githzerai refugees of the Incarsabec Rebellion found their way to the world Bal-Kriav. Said to have been guided by their god Ptah, they headed for Kuli-Cir, re-occupying his ancient monasteries. Numbering close to 300, they struggled for a long time. By the end of the Horgon Era, they had Ara'rya, Osar'ged and the other important monasteries cleared and habitable.

Today, githzerai numbers on Bal-Kriav are quite small. Some are agents of Roongutil, carrying out missions against the Har'kish and parties affiliated with them.

One githzerai group that is not all cloak and daggers, is the legendary mercenary company Zisi-Nul. They have served across the realm with aspiring dictators like Blac'drugulois and in democracies like Malacost.

As a whole, githzerai are neutrally aligned - chaotic neutral, neutral, or lawful neutral.

Racial Traits
Harmony when using an item or spell with a descriptor of Law or Chaos, githzerai can choose whichever is favorable to them, thus a Lawful special ability could be changed to a Chaotic special ability, and vice-versa
Racial as githzerai
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