Throndar Sphere 415

AliasSphere 415
Formed12 Temporal 1460 DE

On 12 Temporal 1460 DE, Sphere 415 was created by Balthioul. This Creationist formed this planet of the Asteraoth system from the energies of Chaos. One of the peoples that Balthioul seeded on this world were the Eenkai.

In 1688 DE the Radullu Rift was opened. This inter-system gateway created a bridge between the worlds Throndar and Bal-Kriav. After opening it, Sarseg and his archon army started attacking the angelic army at Achamâz. For much of the Creation War, Throndar was a contested world.

On 17 Hollow 8337 DE Throndar became a magic dead world. This happened with the return of Sarseg who then destroyed the world's link with the Web of Magic. As a result, magic no longer worked on the world. Those Eenkai that came to live on Bal-Kriav also say that their ancestral world is bereft of the divine.

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