Throndar Sphere 415

AliasSphere 415
Formed12 Temporal 1460 DE

On 12 Temporal 1460 DE, a Creationist named Balthioul created Sphere 415, a world of the Asteraoth System. Better known today as Throndar, it remained contested for much of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). Throndar was of great interest to the primordials. It had erratic connections to the Web, weaknesses that could be exploited by those looking to open a rift. The Covenant, their opposition, fought to keep Throndar's weak points out of primordial hands.

On Throndar, the first rifts were exit points for those coming from the Sea of Chaos. Once the primordials came across, they looked for other areas that would support the opening of rifts to the nascent worlds of both the Asteraoth and Quara'tun systems. One example of these rifts was opened in 1688 DE, an inter-system rift was opened between Throndar and the world of Bal-Kriav. Later to be known as the Radullu Rift, it served as a path of invasion for Sarseg and his archon army.

On 17 Hollow 8337 DE, bitter with defeat, Sarseg returned to Throndar. He severed the world's connection with the Web of Magic, turning it into a magic dead world. The Eenkai that came to live on Bal-Kriav say their ancestral home world is also bereft of the divine, a world of godless heathens.

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