Moglúr Rabaranda

Moglúr - Darmaer

OwnerOrchish Empire
DeitiesGruumsh, Lukoon, Mammon
Founded13 Temporal 395

On 13 Temporal 395, settlers out of Nermanea founded Rabaranda on the southern coasts of what was then the Nermanis Sea. Having fled the Mammon Purge, these settlers built their new home ten miles into a fjord with strong currents and protected by cliffs.

By the middle of the First Epoch, merchant activities, particularly by the Nermaneans, had made Rabaranda a prosperous city-state. Bridges and dwellings were cut out of the cliffs, each year expanding closer to the sea.

When it became part of the Nermanis Syndicate (712 - 923), the city's shrewd merchant houses controlled trade along the far-flung settlements of the sea and far up its rivers.

By 923, the Syndicate was nothing more than a name. Rabaranda and the other holds once again became independent city-states. The peoples of the area that once had their trade markets tightly controlled, now sought to break the central authority. The natives of Quellestir and lands once monopolized by the Nermanis Syndicate rose up for fair trade.

In 988, Rabaranda fell to Quellestir's Forstneblin. The city was depopulated, reduced to ruin with druids entangling it in thick vegetation. The conquerors, people of the forest left the place to the wild. Most of Rabaranda's refugees ended up going north where they became citizens of Séregon.

In 1759, the Fograth began the clearing and rebuilding of this ruin. They renamed it after General Moglúr, executor of the Core Offensive (1749 - 1760).

Moglúr is a freshwater sea port. Half of the city is built into the fjord's cliffs. The Orchish Empire's only oceanic navy, the Fothakith, is headquarters here. Moglúr's harbor is protected with concealed artillery batteries and deep sea-caves large enough to hide ships-of-the-line.

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