Moglúr Rabaranda

Moglúr - Darmaer

OwnerOrchish Empire
DeitiesGruumsh, Lukoon, Mammon
Founded13 Temporal 395

Moglúr is sited on the southwestern shores of the Core Sea. In 1761, the Fograth built their fortifications on the ruins of the Nermanis city of Rabaranda. The new owners renamed it Moglúr.

Rabaranda was founded in 395 by settlers out of Nermanea. They were those that left with the Mammon Purge, seeking areas where they could carry on their way of doing business.

By the middle of the First Epoch, Nermanean merchant activities had made Rabaranda a prosperous city-state. When it became part of the Nermanis Syndicate, the city's shrewd merchant houses controlled trade along the far-flung settlements of the Nermanis Sea and its rivers.

When the Nermanis Syndicate broke apart, the halflings of Rabaranda were left much weakened. The peoples of the area that once had their trade markets tightly controlled, now sought to break the central authority. This authority was the halfling guild interests of Rabaranda. The gnomes of Quellestir started raiding and then warring with the halflings.

Rabaranda fell to Quellestir's Forstneblin in the Year 988. The halflings retreated as their city was reduced to ruin then entangled in vegetation. Many of these refugees fled north becoming citizens of Séregon.

Some time in the Second Epoch, a powerful earthquake sent half of the Rabaranda ruins into the Core Sea.

When the Orchish Empire came to the area, they began rebuilding this strategically located hold, renaming it Moglúr.

Moglúr is built into the slope of a mountain. Unlike the halflings, the Githirmil built much of the new city into the mountain side. Moglúr's harbor is well protected with artillery batteries and deep sea-caves. These caves are large enough to hold ships-of-the-line. The Orchish Empire's only oceanic navy, the Fothakith, has its headquarters here.

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