Gunbil Smoking City

Gunbil - Narbuzad
AliasSmoking City
Founded22 Bliss 451

Gunbil was founded by miners out of Phlehorn. It was a mining depot for all the silver and mithril coming out of the mining pits Uzdûm and Sûd. By the time Phlehorn fell, the mining depot was a sprawling and rich city. The city was left with a skeleton of its former army with most having perished in 1080 at the Breaching of the Earth Shrine. After this tragedy, the city was courted by emissaries from Hjalmarbrodd and Grimmarsveinn. After long debates, the public voted in 1082, joining the Kingdom of Hjalmarbrodd.

Also called the Smoking City, Gunbil has the region's greatest concentration of smelters. Operating around the clock, they leave a thick pall of smoke over the city, blackening the buildings and citizens. North of Gunbil, a byproduct of the city's industry, is the polluted lake Sludge.

Gunbil is renown for its armor smiths. Countless smiths toil away under the sounds of thousands of tools in the city, producing some of the most durable and finely crafted metalwork in the realm.

Notable Areas
  • Nesty's Slobbering Pub
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