CategoryFallen Empires
RegionGrashakh, Tribe Steppes
Binê Sadôr1001 HE - 49
Argruxiel872 HE - 1001 HE
DeitiesKrak-Oth, zoolatry (horses)
Reign872 HE - 49

In 862 HE, three hundred years since a massive illithid invasion drove them from their home world, four Helas Vessels pierced Bal-Kriav's atmosphere. One of these primordial arks landed in sector Mirtheon of Bal-Kriav's Grashakh Region. Then called the Svoghast Helas, a void ship built by the primordials for planetary invasions, was under the command of the then mortal Krak-Oth. Under him and his Durkoth people were one of the subjugated peoples of Horgon, the Theegan. Their first major settlement on Bal-Kriav was Argruxiel. Advanced and well-organized, its Theegan slave army veterans of long-ago wars, Krak-Oth's yoke spread to the goblin and troll tribes of northern Grashakh and southwest into the Tribe Steppes; then a land silent to the threat of the Jara. Ten years after the founding of Argruxiel, with free and subjugated villages and outposts extending for three hundred miles westward, the Ak'mrîtun Empire was founded. Its first leader was Emperor Krak-Oth.

In 1001 HE, the empire's western gem, the city of Binê Sadôr, was made the new capital. Emperor Krak-Oth ruled from this new capital, while his most trusted underling, Orthraak, governed the eastern interests from Argruxiel.

Between 1100 HE and 1200 HE, the Durkoth of Ak'mrîtun underwent great change, joining the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE). They became more aquatic, leaving the surface for the seas. Holdings long ruled by the Durkoth, became the spoils of their former subjects. Argruxiel fell to warring bands of goblins and trolls, while the western gem fell to the Theegan. The empire's eastern interests, on the other side of the Giant Steps, were slowly lost. From Binê Sadôr, the empire lived on in the east.

Early in the First Epoch, zoolatry took hold in the empire's northeastern frontier, the mining towns of Arirmarg. Greatly offended by this, on 13 Saunas 43, the god Krak-Oth cursed these horse cultists. They awoke the next day as centaur abominations, the first Jara. Driven by rage and a penchant for destruction, they ravaged the empire they once served. Places not overrun, were in perpetual state of siege. Most of Ak'mrîtun's people fled to the Northern Hordelands, away from the plains where the Jara reigned supreme. In the Year 49, the Ak'mrîtun Empire came to an end. Theegan civilization continued on at Briltarn and Incubus to the southwest and Hazrith to the northeast.