RegionLands of Purity
Founded30 Dreamer 145

In 135, the Taraglandu clan, citizens of Phlehorn, were sent to strengthen a claim in Skycius. They went to a mining town in the Tholmgerd mountains. Incubus, then a Theegan city-state, saw this build-up a threat to their own mining interests. They forced the dwarves out, pushing them further and further south. Ten years later, driven from place to place, they ended up in the Lands of Purity. They built the settlement Narukgulan along the Sharazâr cliffs. The vast silver deposits of these cliffs quickly made Narukgulan a prosperous place.

Over the next seven centuries, Narukgulan settlements spread across Adellum's southeast, from the Iraktharbhun valley to the shores of lake Hruki and Gudgrid's towering wall. They had people rebuilding Iglutt and established the river port Bokgruma near where the Tániel empties into the Pearl Sea.

In 728, Narukgulan was sacked by the dragon Apocolypse and his Graagvrii army. The Narukgulans fled east, joining their brothers at Bokgruma.

Today, Narukgulan is the lair of a ghost dragon named Casiron. In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), this iron dragon was killed by Raxcvillibus. The dragon deity Bahamut answered the dying wish of Casiron, "let me carry on the fight against the vile hordes beyond death", turning Casiron into a ghost dragon. As a ghost bolstered by Bahamut, Casiron was able to drive off Raxcvillibus and his minions.

Legend has it that Casiron can only find true rest, when he has amassed his former treasure hoard. An amount of treasure said to exceed 2,000,000 gold pieces.

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