Gnoll Shaman
Typespecial interest
RegionNothern Hordelands
Headquarters?? - (Habazan)
DeitiesDemogorgon, Yeenoghu
Symbolinterlocked chain of spirits
EnemiesWidows of Modrerthim
Established11 Bliss 384

Early in the First Epoch, the Godrath tribe was one of dozens that roamed the Nothern Hordelands. Their rise to prominence and power has largely been attributed to the machinations of its shamans, the Kashu'khas. Descendants of those that served Yeenoghu in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), they continued to serve as advisors to the chieftain, sometimes leaders, and always as mediums to the realm of demons.

One of the more storied families of the Kashu'khas were the Drugnods. Willing to make deals with dark powers, proving strength and leadership, they always had at least a quarter of their own on Kashu'khas's roster.

In 512, the Drugnods of Kashu'khas forged a dark pact with Demogorgon. Called the Drugnod Pact, it was the beginnings of a dynastic reign of greatness. Leading to the rise of the Drugnod Dynasty (546 - 746), the Kashu'khas continued to serve as advisors to the Drugnod Empresses and her extended family.

In the First Epoch the Kashu'khas spread Demogorgon's doctrine into the lands of their enemies; particularly the Theegan of Briltarn. Today, dozens of independent cults dedicated to Demgorgon are scattered across the swamps and mountains of the Witch Horde.

When the Drugnod Pact abruptly ended, vampire agents of Demogorgon came looking for the Drugnod. The Widows of Modrerthim came to collect the souls of the Drugnods as debt to Demogorgon. Six members of the Kashu'khas lost their souls. Blamed for the dark deal, the the rest of Kashu'khas fled into Habazan where they remained as exiles for two centuries.

In 1143, at the Broken Teeth Meet, the Kashu'khas re-emerged from their self-imposed exile, helped the splintered peoples come together as the gnollish federation of Garormuk.

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