Founded17 Lunar 235 LE

Built by the Auhtai, the settlement of Cha-ka became a major research center into the study of all things insects. A short-lived people, longevity was one area of research. Unlike their close cousins, the Thri-kreen, the Auhtai were more interested in civilization over the hunt. To combat threats, they turned to controlling insects, creating swarms, boosting their growth and size rates, and other military applications.

In the city's eight research labs, they made major advances in chemistry, learning how certain insects used sonic energy. This led to the development of sonic devices that mimicked certain insects, what the Auhtai call Päiki-Synhö.

In one part of Cha-ka is a massive structure that looks more like a vault than any building. This tightly sealed place is called Alcha-pok. In the Lith-Crillion Era, Auhtai researchers sought to control bug colonies. The first Hive Swarm was created at this place.

In 1540 HE, Cha-ka fell to a Hive Swarm descendant of Lot 396; the first of the so-called Hive Swarms (12 Bloom 1512 HE).

Cha-ka is built in the shape of a massive carapace. It is a towering structure that looms above the desolate landscape around it.

In 155, explorers commissioned by Mechantus explored this ruin. They found rune tablets and Päiki-Synhö weapons. These explorations continued, ending only after two expeditions were utterly wiped out by Hive Swarms.

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