The Burterinii family came to power in the First Epoch. In their tribal beginning they rose to great power, becoming one of the most powerful tribes of Gulimbor. In 301 they established the settlement of Ing-Serold. It became a city-state and then a capital of the Kingdom of Burterinii. Their lands spread into Woad and to the northern coasts. They ruled the city-state and then the nation for over 200 years. Since the nation has been founded, it has always been called Burterinii, or the Kingdom of Burterinii.

In the First Epoch, the Burteriniis were well-respected and very powerful in the lands of Karterus. They were major power brokers in the region and had influence in all the Tragaran kingdoms, as well as in the First Khazarkar Empire. The Burterinii family had a spy network so entrenched in the First Khazarkar Empire, that it became a model for the clandestine branches of the Second Khazarkar Empire.

During the period 575 to 590, the Burterinii family managed to install three daughters on the thrones of the Tragaran kingdoms of Karterus. These kingdoms were that of the Burterinii, the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty, and Niratar Theocracy. Many of the nobility viewed this as a grand scheme to unite all the kingdoms under the rule of the Burterinii family. It turned out that it wasn't the family seeking conquest, but one of the Queen Sisters named Sarquiness. She took her kingdom to war with her older sister, Queen Sanglamore of Niratar Theocracy. The conflict drew in their youngest sister, Queen Bleeberghast of Burterinii. Queen Bleeberghast sought to maintain the status-quo and contain the war, but ended up having to commit forces. This conflict became known as the War of the Three Queens.

In the War of the Three Queens, a trio of very powerful swords were forged. Each was made to artifact power, forged by a great titan said to serve Poseidon, and meant to capture the soul of a Burterinii Queen. When the three sisters died in the war, each of these blades took life and became a weapon that never seemed to remain long in anyone's hands. This practice of creating items to capture the souls of the Burterinii bloodline is nothing new. Family records says that it began during their tribal beginning in Woad, taught to them by an unusually powerful pixie of the shamanic arts.

The Burterinii still hold considerable power in the nation they founded. Every few centuries, they manage to put one of their own on the throne. The family is very tight and numbers in the thousands. Their family name is very important to them and those that bring shame to it are usually dealt with in a barbaric manner that goes back to ancient tribal methods of a slow torturous death. Most members of this huge family are devout followers of Poseidon. They have family members in all manner of guilds and are renown for their clandestine services. It is said that the Burterinii become aware of something before it reaches the ears of the King.

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