Class30th wizard
Alignmentlawful evil
Born19 Hollow 467
Died17 Hollow 751

Anube Nilkhâs was one of the great mages of the First Epoch. She served as a wizard-governor of Tamlêrran from 680 to 740. In the last decade of her governorship, she waged a protracted war with her step-brother Igacin. Outsiders called this war, yet to Anube and her brother, this was all part of a game, the Nilkhâs Feud, where neither seemed to care what happened to those around them.

When brother and sister were nearing the end of their mortal existence, life-extension measures of diminishing returns, they began building two great artifacts. It is said in some circles, that Anube learned of her brother's work on a throne, a powerful artifact to capture his psyche and once inside, control the land around it, and summon great armies. Anube soon followed, her agents found the secrets of its construction, plans left unattended, the great master Igacin giving his little sister a bit of fair play.

On 17 Hollow 751, Anube successfully transfered her psyche into her Pumice Throne. One of the first things she did in this new form was the creation of the Glothreth Rift. Its opening started the Thrones War. A month later, her step-brother followed suit with him going into his Glacial Throne, then creating the opposing Indraph Rift. The Nilkhâs siblings have waged their game of chess, the Thrones War, for over a millennia.

Anube, the psyche of the Pumice Throne, is the guiding force of the Cinderfall Empire.

Notable Works