Turgon Aeries

Turgon Aeries
BuiltHorgon Era

The Turgon Aeries were built in the Horgon Era by wood elves serving alongside a group of silver dragons. As an organization of the Ashemhorn valley, they were largely peaceful, doing whatever they could to keep the peace between the elven populations of southern Turgon and their northern neighbors, dozens of Graagvrii and Vedrii tribes.

The most notable features of the Turgon Aeries, each a jagged spire several thousand feet high, are their tops. Each spire was carved into the likeness of a colossal eagle head. The eagles was a animal that both the wood elves and the Graagvrii looked upon with admiration. The Graagvrii for its killing efficiency, the elves for the eagle's freedom to soar above the land, picking the most opportune time to strike. Beyond their awe-inspiring appeal, the eye-sockets were also built large enough that an ancient dragon could fly through. The silver dragons that lived here were never to reach that great size, each being called away by Bahamut for their excessive interference in humanoid affairs.

In the Year 75, the Turgon Aeries changed. They were corrupted by the abyssal energies flooding into the land from the Ungorth Reddik Road. The eagle heads crumbled away, revealing leering skulls of colossal proportions with lava, soot, and smoke pouring from their once graceful features. The eye sockets glow perpetually red, sometimes releasing blasts of steam or gouts of lava.

Today, these skull-headed spires serve as fortresses for powerful lords. Most of the time, they serve the whims of Demogorgon. Slaves have honeycombed them out with hundreds of living spaces. These slave camps often serve as the first line of defense against those seeking to undermine Demogorgon's claim over Turgon.